Housing is not just a priority; it is a critical issue that demands immediate attention. The Directly Elected Mayor will be responsible for successfully implementing the housing strategy. While planning remains independent, planners must understand the policy context, and I am determined for Limerick to set an example in efficiently handling planning matters.


While work has been done on Limerick’s transport infrastructure over the past 15 years, there is still so much more we can do to promote a greener, more efficient use of our system. Here’s what I propose to do, as your Mayor.


Poor water quality, resulting in boiled water notices, low water pressure, and inadequate sewage treatment systems are infrastructural issues that Uisce Eireann and Limerick City and County Council need to address urgently.

These infrastructural deficiencies are hindering the development of private and social housing, especially impacting smaller villages where sewage treatment is at capacity, harming small businesses, and hampering the promotion of Limerick as a location for new industry.

The funding available is insufficient to address these issues. One of my top priorities will be to lobby the government for increased funding to upgrade all sites with poor infrastructure.


I firmly believe that active community participation and mobilisation can bring significant value to society. Community participation plays a pivotal role in fostering a vibrant and inclusive society. It can enable the citizens of Limerick to work together and create opportunities for change and improvements in communities across the City and County.


I am a farmer’s daughter. I’m deeply concerned that the future of farming is an entirely neglected topic, both in national political debate and in local Limerick politics.

As your Mayor, I will bring farmers and the rural communities right into the heart of decision making; from the making of the County Development Plan to its implementation in planning, environment, and infrastructure.