Directly Elected Mayor

In early June 2024, Limerick citizens will go to the polls in an historic first directly elected mayor (DEM) vote. Indeed, Limerick is the only county in the country that will have an opportunity to vote for the new mayor that will have executive powers – not the traditional ceremonial powers that are held by other mayors nationwide.

The Government offered the people of Limerick, Dublin and Cork the opportunity four years ago to vote for a new Mayor that would have executive powers, but Limerick was the only city and county to vote for it.

This radical change gives the people of Limerick county and city the chance to vote for a DEM this June. This new political leader will have executive strategic powers over housing, environmental issues, road transport and safety.

The new DEM will work with Limerick county and city management and councillors to deliver a budget of over €1bn, in line with the Strategic Plan over a five year term.

Limerick will also have a direct line to the Cabinet when the new DEM will meet with Ministers four times a year.

More information can be found here.